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#Thumbsshare Updated Rules 2009

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2008, 9:35 AM

Disclaimer: While we continually update the rules and FAQ to reflect community needs, we cannot possibly record every expected rule. Therefore the moderators will use their discretion with the above rules. In other words, because it “wasn’t in the rules” is not a reason to disrupt the room or ignore a moderator’s request. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in chat!
:bulletgreen: All complaints must be directed to Thumbshare via a note (This includes ban inquires). Commenting on, or noting a Founder's or Moderator's personal account with your complaint will be ignored, and it is considered harassment. (In most cases) This may result in an immediate and permanent ban depending on your actions. If you would like to make a suggestion or let us know how we’re doing please visit our Comments and Suggestions Forum or note Thumbshare. We read and discuss every constructive suggestion.

Please Note: You will not be notified if you have been banned. Waltz over to our FAQ to find out what to do if you were banned.

:bulletgreen: Be considerate with your language, and don't be an annoyance to others. #Thumbsshare Moderators reserve the right to kick or possibly ban any parties involved in heated arguments and discussion. While rules may not be technically broken by the participating members at the time, it is detrimental to the flow of the room to allow such altercations to continue. Therefore, it is within any Moderator's power to hold those responsible for not controlling their opinions, behaviors, and tempers.

:bulletgreen: Limit the use of profanity. Racist Slurs, anti-Semitic or other derogatory remarks about philosophies and religions, as well as highly offensive and hostile remarks based on gender or sexual preference will result in a kick and/or ban from #Thumbsshare.

:bulletgreen: Threatening, directly insulting, or harassing your fellow chatters is prohibited and can result in an immediate ban from the chatroom. (This rule extends to journals related to events/deviants in the chatroom.)

:bulletgreen: Do not ask A/S/L or any variations of this. Such as, "How old is everyone?" You may ask one (i.e. location) as long as it fits into natural conversation and is aimed at one person in particular.

:bulletgreen: Please do not ask for critiques, comments, pageviews, favorites or full-views in #Thumbsshare. Generally, if you are sharing a thumb, you are already asking for such and asking is redundant. Not only this, it adds unnecessary clutter. If there is something in particular that you would like specific feedback on in the room you may ask chatters occasionally [not every post] for such specific feedback, though in general our members provide feedback in the room at their leisure.

:bulletgreen: If you were banned, do not create multiple accounts and/or come in on your other existing accounts. You cannot avoid a ban. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned on all accounts, and the ban will be lengthened or, most likely, made permanent. If you are a member and you are banned you will return as a Guest and will need to go through the same process as before to become a member.

:bulletgreen: Bots (with the exception of Thumbbot and MNBot) are not allowed in #Thumbsshare without prior permission from a founder. Any identified bots will be instantly banned and possibly their owner as well. Using scripts to post thumbs, spam, or promote any other unsavory behavior is considered against our community values and will also result in a ban. Check out our FAQ for a useful timer script.

:bulletgreen: Do not put moderators on /ignore or use any script/addition to auto ignore moderators. This obviously prevents us from moderating your behavior in the chat and leaves us with no choice but to remove you from the chat room.

:bulletgreen: Misrepresentation (i.e. pretending to be another user or pretending not to be yourself under another name) may result in a kick or ban.

Because club accounts are maintained by multiple users and it is impossible for moderators to determine which user is on the account, club accounts are not allowed in #Thumbsshare.

:bulletgreen: #Thumbsshare is English only. Please refrain from speaking in other languages. This rule has been enacted to make moderation possible in all instances, as moderators obviously cannot moderate a language they cannot understand.

:bulletgreen: DO NOT ask to be promoted. Any requests to be promoted to any user level [Members, Seniors, Moderator] will be ignored and could result in a ban. Asking will only ensure you will never be promoted. <a href="…"  title="Thumbshare FAQ">FAQ: How do I become a member?

:bulletgreen: We appreciate assistance to fellow chatters, but please do not interfere once a moderator has stepped in.

Note: The Moderators will use their discretion in the above category of Chatting/General Conduct in #Thumbsshare

:bulletgreen: Avoid excessive shouting (use of all-caps) [example], excessive use of bold/italics/underline [example], excessive word streeeeeeeetching [example] or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text) [example] in #Thumbsshare. Flooding is defined as any rapid or high-volume posting. This includes but is not limited to thumbnails, or text.

:bulletgreen: Do not use #Thumbsshare to advertise your chatroom, community, news article, or website without the permission of a #Thumbsshare Founder.

:bulletgreen: Do not post the same thumb repeatedly over a short period of time or post one thumb repeatedly in a line. It is unfair for the other guests/members in the room.

:bulletgreen: Members are allowed five thumbs per line, and guests three thumbs per line. If you wish to contribute many thumbs, post one line of thumbnails, and then allow at least five minutes before posting your next set of thumbnails. Maintain this thumblimit even when thumbnails appear not to work or as gray boxes. TS FAQ: Why is my thumb a grey box? Do not use a bot or script to post thumbnails.

:bulletgreen: Do not use the multiline input [example] while posting thumbs, post them in just one line.

:bulletgreen: Do not name spam [example]. When posting a message to more than a couple people leave out usernames. This prevents post spam of away messages.

:bulletgreen: Do not post an excessive amount of emoticons in one line, or repeatedly post emoticons line after line [example]. "Emote spamming" slows down the room considerably.

:bulletgreen: Large emotes such as the llama emote are considered equal to a thumb. More than one or two of the same large emote in a line is considered spam.

:bulletgreen: The llama emote may be posted only once every five minutes, regardless of who post it. [example]

Note: The Moderators will use their discretion in the above category of Spamming.

:bulletgreen: Do not post thumbnails or links which contain:
:bulletblack: Pornographic or nude deviations as defined by deviantART's Submission Agreement (deviations marked as mature and deviations in the artistic nude category excluded; however, pornographic images uploaded as deviations are not).

:bulletblack: Links which may contain viruses.

:bulletblack: Links to pornographic images or text.

:bulletblack: Links to add +devwatch or +favorite (example: my. or www. Do not post links to automatic logout.

:bulletblack: Links to websites with racist/hateful content (websites that promote Racism or other derogatory propaganda about philosophies, religions and/or sexual preference.)

Note: Breaking any of the rules above in this category will result in an immediate ban

:bulletgreen: Do not post links in general unless they are addressed to one person and do not fit in any of the above descriptions. Users may be kicked or banned for posting any link to an outside website that is offensive or disruptive to the room. Do not post links which supply personal information (age, location, etc).

:bulletgreen: If you were listed as a Guest or Member then do not abuse Thumbbot's features. A moderator has the right to remove your access to Thumbbot at any point in time for violation of this rule.

:bulletgreen: If you were listed as a Thumbbot member, then DO NOT use bold tags, caps, icons or an excessive amount of emoticons in your usernames definition (!nick def). This rule has been enacted to reduce spam in the #Thumbsshare channel. Failure to comply with a moderator to change your !nick will result in losing your Thumbbot privileges.

:bulletgreen: We do not allow any illegal activities. We are not responsible for anything you say in the chatroom, or for any consequences that arise from what you say. If you break the law, you alone will be responsible for the consequences.

:bulletgreen: You cannot use #Thumbsshare to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, sexual, or other unlawful material, images, text, or information.

:bulletgreen: We caution you against giving out personally identifiable information (such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, names and addresses, telephone numbers and driver license numbers) to strangers online, as this information may be used for illegal or harmful purposes. Using chatters personal identifiable information without their permission will result in a ban.

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