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#Thumbsshare Updated FAQ 2009

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2008, 9:35 AM

:bulletgreen: Q 100: What is the Thumbshare community? Why was it created?
:bulletpurple: A: Thumbshare was created after the chat, #Thumbshare. A forum for information was needed for the chat. The room was changed from 1 s to two s’s, #Thumbsshare. The mods created a game room, #Trivia (see here). When we refer to Thumbshare this includes all chatrooms (i.e. #Trivia & #Thumbsshare) and side projects maintained by the Thumbshare crew. The main purpose of Thumbshare is to give the Moderators of the #Thumbsshare/#Trivia chat a place to post information, rules, and frequently asked questions. It also gives the users of the #Thumbsshare/#Trivia chat a place to voice their opinions, send complaints if necessary, and ask questions. We also submit art work that is posted by members of the #Thumbsshare & #Trivia chat in the Thumbshare gallery, fav member’s artwork, and generally make it a point to maximize exposure to our member’s work.

:bulletgreen: Q 101: How do I submit my art to be featured by the Thumbshare community?
:bulletpurple: A: Sorry, you can't. The #Thumbsshare mods are constantly looking over the channel and picking art from our members to be featured in the gallery, in news articles, or during contests. Please do not request or suggest your own work to be featured in the gallery, as your request will be ignored.

:bulletgreen: Q 102: Why can't I leave a comment in the Thumbshare gallery?
:bulletpurple: A: Sorry, we have disabled comments on many of the deviations in the Thumbshare gallery. Please go to the original deviation (a link is provided in the description) and leave all comments or favorites on the users page.

:bulletgreen: Q 103: I was banned, when will it be removed and who do I contact for help?
:bulletpurple: A: Usually if you try to enter the chat and it says “Not privileged” then you have been banned. If you were banned from the #Thumbsshare channel, you will NOT be notified. Your ban can last from 1 day to forever, depending on why you were banned. If you want to know specifically why or for how long you are banned and/or have any questions or concerns, please send them in a note to Thumbshare and not to the mods personal accounts. Sending a note about a ban to a mod will most likely result in the lengthening of your ban. Refer to the rules for more information. Please note: If you were banned from any of the community channels (such as #Trivia) you will then be banned from all of the community channels for the same period of time.

:bulletgreen: Q 104: What are some of the community events and where can I find the latest events?
:bulletpurple: A: Most of the current events are mentioned in our journal at Thumbshare. There are weekly events such as mini-contests (usually on Sunday), random room contests, featured chats, and many more fun events. The more you participate, the better chance you have of finding out what/when the next event is, as well as winning prizes.

:bulletgreen: Q 105: I have made/would like to make fanart for the Thumbshare community, what should I do with it?
:bulletpurple: A: Note us! We love to see what you have made to support our community and we will do our best to share your fanart with our community members

:bulletgreen: Q 106: What is a "Member" and how do I become one?
:bulletpurple: A: You are a member when you are under the privclass “Members” in the chatroom. Currently the difference between "Guests" and "Members" is the number of thumbnails and emoticons allowed per line. Also "Members" have contributed to the channel for a while and receive exclusive access to certain #Thumbsshare contests and events. ‘Members’ also have access to more exposure through the MOTW program and community features. To become a member the following must be true:
:bulletyellow: You have come into #Thumbsshare often and contribute, whether with thumbnails or conversation, or hopefully both.
:bulletyellow: You know our channel Rules and abide by them.
:bulletyellow: You represent the channel well and offer help to other users.
:bulletyellow: For promotion to be considered, you have added Thumbshare to your devWatch.
Promotion is not instant. Please do not ask, hint or beg for a promotion.

:bulletgreen: Q 107: What do I do if I am a member on one account, but have switched to a new/second account?
:bulletpurple: A: You cannot have two accounts with #thumbsshare member status. If you are a member and you have switched accounts send a note to Thumbshare from BOTH accounts requesting a transfer of member status.

:bulletgreen: Q 108: Why must I add Thumbshare to my watch if I want to be a member?
:bulletpurple: A: By watching Thumbshare you will receive journal updates containing important community information.

:bulletgreen: Q 109: What is #Thumbsshare?
:bulletpurple: A: #Thumbsshare is a dAmn chat where deviants come to socialize and share their art. It is a place where all types of artist can pool their minds and talents. Deviants can unite in celebrating their freedom, expression, voice, and wisdom. This community within our beloved deviantART community allows for the unique experience of putting personality behind the art. #Thumbsshare is about comfort, inspiration, and growth. Visitors to #Thumbsshare can enter expecting encouragement, constructive criticism, humor, aid, fellowship, and advice. Deviants can enter any dAmn chat for conversations, but they enter #Thumbsshare for the empowerment of art and of the dA community.

Some useful information before chatting:

FAQ #511: How do I post thumbnails of my art on the Chat Network or Forums?

FAQ #292: What are the commands that I can use on the chat network?

FAQ #510: What is a bot, and how can I get one?

FAQ #514: Can I join more than one room in a single browser?

FAQ #508: How do I post the raw HTML or emoticon codes in chatrooms?

:bulletgreen: Q 110: What is #Trivia?
:bulletpurple: A: Trivia is a game room created by the folks at #Thumbsshare. #Trivia and #Triviatalk are both part of the Thumbshare community. Please see #Trivia rules and FAQ.

:bulletgreen: Q 111: My thumbnail isn't showing up, it appears as a grey box or says "[deviation: -title-]".
:bulletpurple: A: This is a problem that occurs with some deviations. It may be related to a slow internet connection and does not always mean other people cannot see your thumbnails. The deviantART admins know about this problem. Sorry there is nothing we can do at this time. However, clearing your browser cache may solve this problem. Please refer to this link to learn how. Please note: chatters must abide by the thumb posting rules even if they are not showing up.

:bulletgreen: Q 112 Is there a timer available to help me stay within the thumb posting limit?
:bulletpurple: A: Yes! It was made by realillusions and you can find it here.

:bulletgreen: Q 113: What is "ModSquad"?
:bulletpurple: A: Moderators are community volunteers who have detailed knowledge of the community rules and procedures and monitor the chat to ensure chatters have a fun experience. The moderators also organize community events and maintain great community spirit.

:bulletgreen: Q 114: How do I get promoted to "ModSquad"?
:bulletpurple: A: We are not accepting applications for the "ModSquad" positions for the time being; we will post in the community journal when we are looking for more volunteers (please do not submit unless asked). This is another reason why it is important to devwatch us. Requests to be promoted to the "ModSquad" level will be ignored. Click here for a list of current moderators.

:bulletgreen: Q 115: What is the "Projects" privclass and how do I join it?
:bulletpurple: A: The Thumbshare moderator team is always working very hard to create new and interesting components of our community for our members to enjoy. To accomplish this we created the "Projects team," which includes people helping with these new components. The "Projects" privclass is for community members who currently help with a side project (e.g. thumbbot, secret new component, special events, etc) or moderate in one of our sister channels (e.g. trivia). Find a list of them here… . They cannot kick or ban in the room. Please do not ask to join the projects team. If we need additional help on a project we will approach our members individually or through a call for help in our journal.

:bulletgreen: Q 116: What is a "Member of the week"?
:bulletpurple: A: A #Thumbsshare Member of the Week (MOTW) is an exemplary member who the moderators of #Thumbsshare feel have contributed positively both through sharing their artwork and being a generally helpful, lovely member of the #Thumbsshare community. It is just another way the #Thumbsshare community is trying to promote our members artwork.

:bulletgreen: Q 117: What is a "BirthdayHotty"?
:bulletpurple: A: A member is placed here to highlight that it is their birthday. To be promoted here fellow chatters notify a mod that is the users birthday or a mod notices. The next day the user is returned to their user level.

:bulletgreen: Q 118: When was the #Thumbsshare (#Thumbsshare) chat first created?
:bulletpurple: A: August 1st, 2004

:bulletgreen: Q 119: What/Who is Thumbbot?
:bulletpurple: A: Thumbbot is not a user, he is a bot (an automated script) running off of a computer to assist Thumbshare mods to manage the community channels.

:bulletgreen: Q 120: Can you help me make one for my channel?
:bulletpurple: A: As much as the mods would like to, we have no time to do so. Please refer to FAQ #510: What is a bot, and how can I get one? and FAQ #795: Am I allowed to own a bot on the chat network?

:bulletgreen: Q 121: Why won't Thumbbot respond to my commands?
:bulletpurple: A: Thumbbot is designed to respond to certain users on thumbbot's own list, namely mods. This is to disallow abuse of Thumbbot's features. However, the #Thumbsshare mods will select thumbshare regulars who they feel as are deserving and helpful enough to use Thumbbot's !term and !nick command. If you were selected to be a Thumbbot Member, in chat, type !term -list and press enter. This will display all the possible !term commands available to you as a Thumbbot Member.

:bulletgreen: Q 122: How do I make Thumbbot post my thumbs?
:bulletpurple: A: Sorry, you can't. The thumbs Thumbbot posts are only selected from the Thumbshare gallery or thumbs posted in the room, unless otherwise programmed by a bot administrator.

:bulletgreen: Q 123: I was listed as a Thumbbot Member, now what?
:bulletpurple: A: The ONLY commands available to you as a Thumbbot Member in #Thumbsshare are the following:
:bulletgreen: Q: How do i use the !nick command/what is it?
:bulletpurple: A: Upon entering the room or typing !nick <username>, Thumbbot will state whatever you set as the description. If you were listed as a Thumbbot user, type !nick def <whatever you want it to say>. In place of "<whatever you want it to say>" type your usernames description.

Example: !nick def Welcome to #Thumbsshare.

:bulletgreen: Q: How do I use the !term command/what is it?
:bulletpurple: A: The !term command is used to display information for those new to #Thumbsshare. Example: "how do I post a thumbnail?", "What is thumbbot?" ect.. Just like the !nick command, it is reserved only for Thumbbot users and the #thumbsshare mods. To use a !term, type !term list to view all the valid !term keywords. Then in chat type !term <keyword>.

Example: !term thumbs


Thumbbot users are chosen from members of the #Thumbsshare channel by the #Thumbsshare mods. Any requests to be a Thumbbot user will be ignored.

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