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#Trivia Updated FAQ 2009

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2008, 9:36 AM

:bulletgreen: Q 100: What is the Thumbshare community? Why was it created?
:bulletpurple: A: Thumbshare was created after the chat, #Thumbshare. A forum for information was needed for the chat. The room was changed from 1 s to two s's, #Thumbsshare. The mods created a game room, #Trivia (see here). When we refer to Thumbshare this includes all chatrooms (i.e. #Trivia & #Thumbsshare) and side projects maintained by the Thumbshare crew. The main purpose of Thumbshare is to give the Moderators of the #Thumbsshare/#Trivia chat a place to post information, rules, and frequently asked questions. It also gives the users of the #Thumbsshare/#Trivia chat a place to voice their opinions, send complaints if necessary, and ask questions. We also submit art work that is posted by members of the #Thumbsshare & #Trivia chat in the Thumbshare gallery, fav member's artwork, and generally make it a point to maximize exposure to our member's work.

:bulletgreen: Q 101: I was banned, when will it be removed and who do I contact for help?
:bulletpurple: A: Usually if you try to enter the chat and it says "Not privileged" then you have been banned. If you were banned from the #Thumbsshare channel, you will NOT be notified. Your ban can last from 1 day to forever, depending on why you were banned. If you want to know specifically why or for how long you are banned and/or have any questions or concerns, please send them in a note to Thumbshare and not to the mods personal accounts. Sending a note about a ban to a mod will most likely result in the lengthening of your ban. Refer to the rules for more information. Please note: If you were banned from any of the community channels (such as #Trivia) you will then be banned from all of the community channels for the same period of time.

:bulletgreen: Q 102: What are some of the community events and where can I find the latest events?
:bulletpurple: A: Most of the current events are mentioned in our journal at Thumbshare. There are weekly events such as mini-contests (usually on Sunday), random room contests, featured chats, and many more fun events. The more you participate, the better chance you have of finding out what/when the next event is, as well as winning prizes.

:bulletgreen: Q 103: What is #Trivia? How do I play?
:bulletpurple: A: Trivia is a quiz game on deviantART’s chat system, dAmn. Trivia was created by and brought to you by *Thumbshare. To play, connect to #Trivia and reply to the questions given by Thumbbot by typing exclusively the answer. Once the answer has been found wait for the next question.

:bulletgreen: Q 104: Do I still have to follow the Trivia rules if Thumbbot is not in the room?
:bulletpurple: A: Yes. When Thumbbot is not in the room it is considered between questions and the rules must still be followed.

:bulletgreen: Q 105: What is Thumbbot?
:bulletpurple: A: Thumbbot is not a user, he is a bot (an automated script) running off of a computer to assist Trivia staff to manage the channel. More information about Thumbbot can be found in #ThumbsShare’s FAQ.

:bulletgreen: Q 106: What commands can I use in Trivia?
:bulletpurple: A: Please keep our spam rules in mind when using the following commands:
:bulletyellow:!repeat -- to repeat the question

:bulletyellow:!hint -- to get a hint; Note: Only one hint will be offered with this command; if there is no hint, the answer is four letters or less.

:bulletyellow:!trivia myscore -- to view your own score; Note- Please do not use this command during a question

:bulletyellow:!trivia scores -- to view the top 10 scores in this round of Trivia; Note- Please do not use this command during a question

:bulletyellow:!trivia dollars -- to view the 10 players with the highest dollar amount; Note- Please do not use this command during a question

:bulletyellow:!trivia tag [number] [reason] [link] -- to tag a question so it can be fixed

Example: !trivia tag 11111 the answer is Bob, not Bill [link to proof of your tag]

:bulletgreen: Q 107: What is the proper way to tag a question?
:bulletpurple: A: It is unnecessary to tag for minor grammatical errors in the question, such as the first word in the question not being capitalized. Generally, if the answer is a number, it will be spelled out. Don't tag a question because it didn't accept 6 . Year questions, however, are not spelled out. Do not tag over someone else's question to say that they're wrong. If you tag over their tag, we cannot see the original tag. Spelling may be Americanized or not; it isn't necessary to tag a question because it says aluminum instead of aluminium. Please be respectful when tagging. And ALWAYS provide a link to proof that your tag is valid, otherwise the tag will be ignored.

:bulletgreen: Q 108: What are Trivia Dollars?
:bulletpurple: A: Earnings, or Trivia Dollars, is the dollar amount that you earn for finishing in one of the top ten positions at the end of a round in #Trivia. These dollars are not real, and are not used for anything. They are only there for fun.

:bulletgreen: Q 109: When do scores reset?
:bulletpurple: A: Scores will reset once someone hits 1,000 points.

:bulletgreen: Q 110: What are the ranks, and how do I get to Addicts/Advanced/Pros?
:bulletpurple: A: The ranks in the room are Beginners, Advanced, Addicts, & Pros. You start at Beginners and will move up to Advanced after getting 200 cumulative points. To move up to Addicts, you will need 2,000 cumulative points. To advance to Pros, you will need 20,000 cumulative points.
Note: You will automatically move up to Advanced once you've gotten 200 points, but you may have to ask a present room staff member to promote you to Addicts or Pros.

:bulletgreen: Q 111: Where can I find the Trivia emote?
:bulletpurple: A: Created by Psychodesignz, you can find our own, custom-made emote right here!

:bulletgreen: Need to get another player's attention? Just type the first few letters of their username, and hit the [TAB] key to autocomplete their name! This will highlight your message on their screen, making it easier for them to see it! Here are some other deviantART FAQ's that will help you in playing #Trivia:

FAQ #292: What are the commands that I can use on the chat network?

FAQ #514: Can I join more than one room in a single browser?

FAQ #508: How do I post the raw HTML or emoticon codes in chatrooms?

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